Yes and No!  Hiring a planner doesn't mean you cannot do the planning yourself.  Of course most brides have dreamt about their big day and may have a great idea on their overall vision.  But on event day you should relax and savor the  moment with your family and friends, after all that's what you've spend months planning for right?  You shouldn't have to worry about timelines, finding the best vendors, making sure your overall "look and feel" is cohesever, or even if wondering what time the cake vendor is going to bring your cake.  Your only job is to "be the couple" and savor the celebration because it is a once in a lifetime experience.


There are many details to be planned within a certain time frame.  It is very important to stay on schedule to ensure everything gets completed.  You not only want to get things completed, but you want to get them completed in an efficient manner.  A planner knows all of the legwork that goes into executing a successful event and can help you with:

  • TIME MANAGEMENT by developing a detailed schedule with key milestones, as well as, a timeline of events.  

  • VENDOR MANAGEMENT is an important aspect of event planning and becomes even more critical when you get closer to event day.  There will be a lot of interaction with the vendors to determine things from finalizing headcounts to scheduling delivery times and your planner can take the pressure off by interacting on your behalf.  

  • BUDGET MANAGEMENT by providing you with a budget analysis that breaks out your overall budget into buckets so that you know how much you have allocated to spend in each wedding category.  In addition, a planner can recommend quality vendors that align with your budget in essence saving you time and money by helping you stay on track.  

  • RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT is one of the biggest component of what I do and I love it.  I love working with people and being able to address any concerns the bride and groom may have about ways of making their day special while incorporating in elements of their culture, family and friends. During the planning process you are juggling the wants of you, the groom, your family, your friends, and your family to be.  Relationships are very important during this milestone in your life and it is important to having someone as your advocate when questions arise. 


Hiring a planner can actually help you save money.  It is my job to help you find the best deal and to ensure your costs don't get out of control.  I work on your behalf in negotiating a fair market price for all of my clients and align myself with reputable vendors who are top in the industry and display A+ professionalism.



I LOVE WHAT I DO....and treat each client as though they are a part of my extended family.  It is important that we build a great rapport with one another because I am your advocate and voice during the wedding planning process and I want you to feel comfortable with my team and know that we are working on your behalf.  

I TAKE WHAT I DO SERIOUSLY...I think that in everything you do, you should strive for excellence.  Excellence for me means continously gaining knowledge and staying a part of the cutting edge within the industry.  I have my Certification in Wedding Planning and am also a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, the largest the largest group of wedding professionals in the world.  By being a member of this group it says that I adhere to a high ethical standards in providing services to my clients.

WHAT ADDITIONAL DO WE ADD...prior to moving into the event space sector I worked in Corporate America for 16 years within both the Accounting and Project Managerment disicplines.  Not only is my team able to help my clients acheive their dream through creativity, but I am also able to manage all of the additional logistics such as reading contract verbiage, troubleshooting to find solutions to clients needs, and checking the checklists!